Monday, November 16, 2009
[Sarmsoft Resume Builder],a valuable tool that help you create outstanding resumes easly.This worthy application will prove its cost by providing the fastest and easiest way to create impressive resumes.
The wizard tool  of  Sarmsoft Resume Builder can effectively create professional looking resume along with cover letter. The tool supports more than fifteen different styles and impressive templates to choose from. Moreover the tool provides ample of sample resumes and cover letters that help you in creating a professional resume for your particular industry. This tool allows you to choose matter of your choice to be included in your resume in your desired order. You can also customize sections such as: your biographical data, employment history, references, and so on. With many more features this tool also includes the; spell checker, multiple languages, and emailing support.
With this one time investment save your precious time and money spent on other resume creating methods.
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Resume Builder 4.7
  •     Updated SMTP library with SSL encryption with secure endorsement for creating, sending resumes.
  •     Fixed bugs with storing FTP and SMTP settings.
Resume Builder 4.5
  • Added option for SSL authentication for sending resumes via e-mail.
  •  For example, the Google Gmail SMTP Server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) on port 465. If you are using gmail account, in SMTP Wizard (Step 2 of 3) make sure that This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is checked.
  • Two important memory leaks were discovered and fixed.
Resume Builder 4.4
  •  Added SMTP Authorization type.
  •  Added new styles.
  •   Improved user interface.
  •   Updated list of countries of the world.
  •   Fixed bug in elegance styles.

Resume Builder 4.3
  •    Updated SMTP client for sending resumes via E-Mail.
  •     Fixed a bug in Reference section for editing an empty resume.
  •     Fixed a bug in Publication section for editing an empty resume.
  •     Fixed a bug for export resume to Plain Text format.
  •     Improved the user interface.
Resume Builder 4.2
  •    Added localization for Portuguese user interface.
  •     Added resume, cover letters samples, spell checker for Portuguese language.
  •     Added custom sorting for items inside resume sections.
  •     Improved user interface.
  •     Fixed bugs for storing SMTP and FTP options.
Resume Builder 4.1
  •    Updated English dictionary: Resume Builder includes an updated English dictionary that contains over 200,000 words. The new dictionary improves integrated spell checking functionality.
  •    Added free resume templates.
  •    Added new cover letter samples.
  •     Fixed bug for update dialog with information about new versions.
  •     Fixed some bugs with user interface.
Resume Builder 4.0
  •   Added new resume templates: Elegance1, Elegance2, Elegance3.
  •   Added "Licenses and Certification" and "Military History" sections.
  •   Added spell checker and dictionaries for English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian languages.
  •   Added a dates format and separator for the sections of a resume.
  •    Added an import feature for bringing resumes from Resume Builder 3.X into the Resume Builder 4.0 format.   Fixed a few bugs in other version these version are :
  1. Resume Builder 3.20
  2. Resume Builder 3.15
  3. Resume Builder 3.12
  4. Resume Builder 3.11 
  5. Resume Builder 3.10
  6. Resume Builder 3.0
  7. Resume Builder 2.16 
  8. Resume Builder 2.15
  9. Resume Builder 2.0
Sarmsoft Resume Builder Summary:
Sarmsoft Resume Builder saves you money and time, completing the work for you. The software creates your own customized, professional and visually appealing resume in just 15 minutes! Resume Builder presents you in the best possible light at the employer's office by describing your precise skills, responsibilities and work experience.
In the job search process, a well-written and well-designed resume is essential. Our program does the thinking and writing for you.
Resume Builder simplifies the work of finding the job by providing intelligent and user-friendly software with these powerful features:
  •  Styles and templates.
  •  Defining your resume structure.
  • Complete control.
  •  Integration with Microsoft Office.
  • HTML publication.
  • Business standards.
  • Resume printing.
  • Spell checker. 
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